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God’s Protection & My Job

Tonight I was driving home from Recovery Group, and the sun was really bright in my eyes. I’m guessing it was for this other person too. Anyway, this car in front of me stopped at a green light. Had I not gotten over to my right, I would have rear ended them. When I got over though, I didn’t even think to check my blind spot, and another car went around me and honked. I am thankful that God gave me fast reflexes but also the other car who honked at me.

I am done with the computer training now. It took me 2 1/2 days to get it all finished. Today was my first day on the floor. It was good and actually went fairly fast. At least, once I got past the first two hours where I was trying to stay awake. So far, everyone is so friendly at this community. It’s very refreshing! I am thankful for this job.

I will also be moving soon. Either this weekend or next week. I will be moving into a transitional housing program. It is coming together and I know God is in the works.

And now it’s time for bed. I was going to take a 30 minute nap when I got home, but it ended up being at least an hour. I couldn’t believe I slept that long but my body needed it. And I still feel tired and ready for bed now.

Night all and God bless!


First Full Day Of Work…

Yesterday was my first full day of work. It wasn’t to bad, except that I have two days worth of computer training, which I started yesterday. I was doing computer modules all day. By the end of the day, my brain felt like it was going to explode. I was so glad to come home. I have another day like that today. I am hoping to finish it today. The morning won’t be bad. Yesterday, I went through the morning fast. Then lunch hit, and it was all over after that. And by 5 O’clock, my brain was going at a snails pace. Everyone at work so far is really nice and caring. Of course I thought that at my other care giving job too. Though this just feels different.

Since I was overloaded last night, I didn’t have a post in me, but thought I would post this morning, to keep everyone updated.

Love & Peace

Drug Test>>>NEGATIVE!

The drug test is figured out. There was a small amount of codeine, which I still don’t know where it came from. I wouldn’t think poppy seeds would would come up as codeine. Anyway, it was a small enough amount that they were able to count it as negative. So I go in for orientation today, and start the computer stuff tomorrow. It sounds like they are going to train me right away to be med tech, which will give me an extra dollar an hour. I am excited for this new chapter in my life!

Love & Peace

Feeling Better…

I would say my mood is about a 4 or 5 right now. I decided I needed to keep my promise and write a post tonight.

So last night my mood was a 1. I was not in a good place. A friend R that was in my program texted me to see how I was doing. When I told her my mood was a 1, she invited me over. I got to her place at 9 pm last night, and was there until about 10ish. It was really good to have her encouragement and support. And her dogs and cat loved me, which she said the cat and bigger dog, doesn’t usually like strangers. Most animals are like that with me though. The smaller dog was funny because she kept coming up by my shoulder. She would put her paw on my shoulder and stare at me. It was like she knew I wasn’t in a good place and was trying to comfort me. So that is how my mood went up to a 2 1/2.

Then this morning I woke up depressed. I was not in a good place this morning. I texted my pastor  as a way to reach out, and we talked via text briefly this morning. Then I went back to bed. I had to force myself to stay up the rest of the day. Then since I had slept late, I just ate a bowl of cereal when I got up. I however, forgot to take my meds until an hour or more later. Since I didn’t have a hearty breakfast, and it was MUCH later, the meds gave me an upset stomach. I got sick and then felt REALLY tired, so then did lay back down to try and rest. Once I got up and took a warm bath, I felt a little better. My mood was starting to pick up, as I was really looking forward to church tonight. My mood improved between 3 and 4 pm. Church is at 5 pm. After church I stayed after and visited with G, who held church at her house tonight. My church is a house church, so we meet in members homes. I stayed and visited for about two hours. We had a good time and at the end, both G and her husband R said to come back more. So I may take them up on that.

I just arrived home, so now it is time to head to bed. I’ve got a busy day ahead of me.

Night Peeps!

Ricky Raccoon

So at 11 pm, I went out for the last smoke of the night. As I started to walk to the picnic table, where I usually sit, in the backyard, a raccoon ran up the fence. He was probably about 15 ft from me or so. Instead of running away, he just sat at the top of the fence. He watched me and I watched him. Usually, I would go and stand closer to the house, but I wasn’t afraid this time. I talked to Ricky while I smoked, and then I said good-night, and went back inside. It was cool to be so close to a raccoon and have him just sit there and watch me. He was pretty cute too! A blessing from God!

Night All!


Today we did the NAMI walk. It was awesome! There were a lot of people who showed up to walk. I ended up with some sensory overload by the end, but it was well worth it. I ended up raising $200, by posting my sponsorship link on Facebook. My housemates donated $100 for me and then others on Facebook donated $100. My goal was only $100, so I was pretty excited.

My brakes were going out, so D and his friend S came to change them for me. The driver’s side, front was metal to metal. I’m glad we did it when we did. While they were here, they also changed my wiper blades, cleaned out my car and fixed my visor. It was SO  good to see D again! They are also coming next Saturday to do the front yard work from my housemates. So I will get to see them again in less then a week. I can’t wait!

I ended up not going to church tonight because I just needed some down time. And tomorrow I have the day off, and I’m taking it as my day. I will be doing some cleaning here at home, but am planning to hopefully relax.

Overall, I had a wonderful day!


Feeling Better…

Today started out as my mood being a two. By lunch it was up to a four. Having the group to support me, helped a lot. Then at lunch, I talked to D, who has contacted me again. He’s fine, was just taking care of a lot of his own stuff. So by the end of our phone call, my mood was up to a 7. After therapy, I met with my Pastor/Friend, S, for Coffee. I also had an interview for food stamps, since I’m not working at this time. AND I also have an appointment for a new counselor, closer to where I’m now, living. Now I would say my mood is probably a 5 or 6. I’m not way down, and not way excited. I’m just in a good space.