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A Positive Day…

Last night I went to my friend N’s house to spend the night. Today was a Pray and Play church program in Portland. I spent the night at N’s so that I would already be closer and could ride with her. The big bonus to this was spending some extra one-on-one time with her, which I always enjoy. The Pray and Play was a big blessing. We had some small group activities. The pastor leading, C, always tries to get us to get into groups with people we don’t know a lot about. I ended up in a group of just me and one other person, K. I was thankful for only the two of us being in a group, and it seemed like she did too. K is a very special person and we seemed to connect well. When we first got into a group, we were sitting in front of a few women who thought they needed to talk, while C talked up front. As soon as we got a chance, K turned to me and said, “we need to move.” I was like, “Yeah, we do!” So we relocated. I then told her I wished I could say something to the women behind us, but didn’t have the guts. So we did our group activities, which focused on prayer and three women from the Bible, who saw Christ. Anna who saw HIm as an infant, The Bent Over Woman who needed healing, and the women who went to the tomb after Jesus had been risen. We then had to tie these women into our lives and talked about how we can see Christ in even small things, if we are looking. After we came back together, we again ended up sitting in front of the women who thought they needed to talk. I thought it was funny because K and I both turned at the same time and said, “Shh..” The women were quiet after that. One thing I really appreciated about K was that she had healing hands. I am the type of person that if I know you, I will put my hand on your shoulder when I talk or touch your arm. I do this a lot where I work. One resident told me I had healing hands, by doing this. It felt nice to be on the receiving side of this. It was also nice that K felt comfortable doing this, when she didn’t know me well. I will say that not everyone who does this, I feel comfortable with; but in this case, it made me feel good.

So after Pray and Play, I rode home with N, and then got my stuff and headed back to my home. When I got home, I took a nap. Then I decided I REALLY needed to stop procrastinating and mow the lawn. When I was out doing yard work the other day, I had done some pruning on the rose bushes out back, but hadn’t picked up the branches. So I needed to do that before mowing. I went over to start picking up the yard. I bent over and all of a sudden heard this, what I thought, was loud buzzing. It was really loud and I thought it was a big bug. I kind of jumped and looked to see what it was. There was a hummingbird drinking from the blueberry bush flowers. I wished I had my camera and then decided to just enjoy it while it was there, instead of stressing about having my camera. I watched it for a couple of minutes before it flew off. I got a big warm feeling in my chest as I watched it. I felt thankful that God had blessed me so much today.

Then about half an hour ago, I decided to go get the mail, as I hadn’t gotten it since Thursday. In the mail was a letter from the little boy I sponsor in Columbia. It put another big smile in my heart.

God blesses me everyday, but today I was watching and saw so many blessings. I am so thankful tonight!

Now it’s time to go take a relaxing bath and head to bed.



I am on Oregon Health Plan (OHP), and so I had to wait for my counselor H to request more counseling appointments from OHP, before I can see her again. I called today to see if she had heard anything, and got her voicemail so left her a message. She later called me back, and right away asked if I was OK. I said yeah, I’ve just been really depressed. She said she could hear it in my voice. She said she hasn’t heard back from OHP and is just waiting for them. So I wait.

On my last blog, someone commented and asked me if I read “Jesus Calling.” As I was sitting here and listening to my Christian music while playing Wizard, I decided to look and see if it happened to be on my Kindle. I searched and found that it was, so read today’s devotion. I plan to add that to my daily devotions in the morning. The reason I didn’t know if it was on my Kindle or not, is because a friend gave me her old Kindle. One of the first versions. I haven’t explored everything on here yet. She has A LOT of books on here. And I can access her icloud too and download more, if I want. I just can’t buy anymore. Which is fine as there are plenty for me to weed through for now.

I haven’t taken a shower yet today and feel like I should go take a bath. Sometimes when I’m really depressed, I will take a bath instead because it feels like less work, and I can just sit there for awhile. Am thinking I will take my computer in and listen to some music while I’m in there too. Then I won’t hear my aunts noise in the next room, so much.

I am hoping that maybe after my bath, I will have some energy to organize my food. I had to start storing it in my room, and it’s still in bags and boxes and not on shelves yet. I was hoping to get it done today, but haven’t had any energy at all. Maybe after my bath I will feel a little different. If I feel up to it, I might also take a load of laundry down to the laundry room too. If not, I won’t worry about it. It wasn’t on my list, just something that could be done to make my room look a little cleaner.

I feel like maybe doing the above things might start to help bring me out of this pit. I am going to have to force myself to do them though.

So here goes nothing….


Bath Blessings!

I LOVE hot baths! They are very calming to me. One place where I can totally relax and be in the moment. Today after doing some yard work, I decided a hot bubble bath sounded nice. As I was sitting in the tub, I was thinking about baths and how much I enjoy them. Then I thought of my friend, M who hates the thought of baths. She thinks about the fact that when sitting in a bath, you are sitting in dirty water. As I was contemplating her few of things, I started to think about how it was before regular plumbing. A┬álot of times the families would share the bath water. There was also usually only one bath a week. So think how dirty these people must have been, especially those working in the fields. And then to have to share the water. From what I understand from some books I’ve read, the father was usually last to bathe, but still. And then I started thinking about how this could still be happening in some countries or cultures where there isn’t plumbing or sufficient water for everyone. Then there are some people who have water, but it is unclean.

I started feeling very thankful that if I wanted too, I could take a bath every day. Usually I take showers if I’m in a hurry, like before work. Not only do I have running water, but I also have clean water. Then on top of that, I have the ability to buy bubbles and Epsom salts to put in my bath. I have the time to just sit, relax and think.

I am very thankful for my MANY bath blessings!

Love & Peace