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Extremely Sad…Trigger

My cousin and I had to get some things at the store, and went to Walgreen’s. I went to the register to pay for my items. The cashier told me that the lady that was there ahead of me, said she was going to a funeral for a 10 year old boy who committed suicide. This news makes my heart drop to my stomach. I feel this drop every time I hear of another person committing suicide. It dropped a lot harder today though, because it saddens me that another child felt like there was no hope. It saddens me that a child had to go through whatever, he had to go through in order to feel such pain and agony. I wish this child had known that there are people who love him, no matter what else happened. I want this child’s voice to be heard. I Googled, to see if I could find the story, and it says he hung himself. He was taken to the hospital, where he died.

Please pray for this child’s family and friends. Pray for all the children who feel suicidal, depressed or anxious.

Now as my heart aches for this family and their friends, I lift them up in prayer. That even though they are devastated from this, they can be blessed and feel comforted during this hard time.