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I have been feeling very sad and unwanted as of late. It’s felt like my aunt doesn’t want me here anymore. Then Saturday night it became even more obvious. I don’t have the money to move anywhere else. My hours at work have been short the last couple of months. Since I don’t know what the next few months look like, it’s best I stay where I’m at. I went and met with a guy last night about a room, but right now, I really don’t think I could hack it. Everything else was great. He was interesting and seemed like a good person. The apartment was nice. It would have been a little farther from work but not horrible. The price was just to much. I really feel like I’m stuck in another horrible situation. I am trying really hard to trust that it is in God’s time. It can be really hard though, with the tension and feelings of not being wanted here.

So tonight, I had to go pick up my prescriptions at the pharmacy. While I was in the store I wanted to get a few things. I decided to get some foot soaking fizzies and then got some heel repair stuff. So I watched Along Came Polly and soaked my feet. Then I put the heal repair stuff on. My feet feel really soft and relaxed now. I also got some face mask stuff. I am thinking I will put some on and then do a meditation for stress or anxiety, while I’m waiting for that to be done. I would have done it too, while I watched the movie, but I need my glasses for the movie.

So I am giving myself some self-love since my emotional part is needing to feel nurtured. I am worth it, and need to pamper myself once in awhile.

Love & Peace