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“Bleeding is Beautiful”

Let’s romanticize being happy, not the hurting!

Rebuilding Resilience

The times that I heard that still haunt me.

These words were spoken by a person who wore rows of stitches after they had tried to kill themselves. They sat across from me in a room of haunting hospital tiles and psychologists who did more hurt than help.

We were asked why we hurt ourselves. This was their response.

And everyone is entitled to their opinion,

But while I was curled up in a hospital bed on a medical unit being preyed on by an attending nurse who had to document every move that I made, somehow, I wasn’t okay with the idea someone else thought that bleeding was beautiful.

Bleeding was one of the things that had gotten me there.

For some reason, I didn’t find writing in crayons and markers the same size as the crayon in a notebook without the spiral beautiful. Having someone watching me while…

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Seriously Excuse Eddie’s Stinky Socks: A Mental Health Order of Operations

This post makes a lot of sense, and is something I need to really think about.

Therese J. Borchard

Feet_in_socksLast night, I helped my daughter with a math problem:

6 + 8 x 4 % (4 + 3 – 7) – 3 x 4

Her lesson was on the Order of Operations. You know, “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.” First you tackle the parentheses, then the exponents. Then you do multiplication and division. Finally, you solve the addition and subtraction. All of it is done left to right, keeping the right order of those operations.

I knew there had to be a rule, because there were too many possible answers to that problem. Tackling it without any instruction required too many brain cells. I couldn’t remember back to my math days for the life of me, and apparently my daughter wasn’t paying attention in class, so we did what we always do when we’re confused:…

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Depression is not Just Feeling “Depressed” when the Duncan Donuts Made you the Wrong Flavor of Coffee


Depression becomes a disorder when your life becomes disorderly because if it. You can say to someone that you have depression and they will say, “yeah, I get depressed too. I was so depressed that  did not get that promotion last week, but it passes.”

That is the problem with having depression as a disorder. It does not pass. It is not just a sadness and disappointment of something not going our way. It is an attack of our brains that can render us unable to do the daily tasks needed to survive in a normal way.

It can interfere with work or even cause us to lose our jobs. It can keep us from getting things done for our kids that are important. It can keep us from taking proper care of ourselves. We can become financially devastated from the effects of depression on our lives.

We can lose…

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New Blog – Guitar With Annie

Re-blogging this in case any of my followers are interested. I don’t have the musical talent (though I love listening and singing to music), but I can pass it on to others who do. ~Devin


Guitar with Annie Blog

I have started a new blog. It is Guitar with Annie Blog. This is a blog for people who play guitar or want to learn to play guitar. I will write about topics related to the guitar, learning guitar and guitar styles and music.

The blog is to promote self esteem and confidence in guitar students. I have many years of experience teaching guitar lessons. I have seen the benefits of learning guitar in many of my students.

I have seen teenagers get better self esteem, which carried over into their school work and social interactions.I have worked with adult students who learned guitar because they always wanted to, but never had the chance. The enjoyed being able to play the songs they love and found practicing and learning to be mentally beneficial and an emotional outlet.

Learning guitar can be beneficial for people suffering from…

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why I talk to those left behind by suicide


The triggers are obvious, no? I’ve made a new category for posts about suicide, because I seem to be writing a fair amount of them. I’ve also included some resources – books I’ve reviewed and so on. I am absolutely not threatening suicide myself; I just firmly believe that the taboo of talking about it needs to be bust and banished.

Another tw for blahpolar in usual didactic mode. Sorry/not sorry, but can we please pretend I’m not blogging as often as I am? *wince*

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Suicide , Suicide Attempts and Self Harm

Read this post by Annie on Gentle Kindness. It has good information and is a big reminder of the awesome community at WordPress. If you are feeling suicidal, please take Annie’s advice and find SOMEONE to reach out to. If you keep searching you will find someone who will listen. Please, DON’T give up!!! ~Devin


I feel that I should start this post with the following information.

Lifeline, the national suicide prevention hotline for USA

Phone: If you are in crisis you can call anytime  1-800-273-TALK (8255)

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Below is a link for the National Institute for Mental health , section on suicide prevention

If you are not in the USA then there are international suicide hotlines to call. The responders to the calls are trained in suicide prevention and know about mental illness.

Suicide is in the top ten list for causes of death in the United States. Unfortunately, it claims more lives each year than the year before. This is an epidemic which deserves attention and research to find solutions.

There are about 1 million suicide attempts each year in the US and the numbers continue to rise. If you feel alone in considering…

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Win A Doodle! Woo!

Enter to win a doodle!


for YOU

When I posted my first “Win a Doodle!” contest last year, my motives were simple: I didn’t have a post but I still wanted to post something. I figured that maybe a dozen blog followers would enter. Instead, the comments section went nutty. I was bewildered.

So I did the doodle contest thing a few months later – and that turnout was even nuttier.

It’s been a quite a while since my last doodle contest — and a few of you rabble rousers won’t let me forget it. I have been harassed! Harangued! Badgered! Bullied!

And, like France on the eve of a major war, I have capitulated.

So TAA DAA! Here’s another chance to win your very own doodle!


Yep. It’s true. Need proof? Fine.

Jenion, the winner of the first doodle contest, is an avid cyclist. She asked me to doodle a cyclist. So I did.

Ta daa! Ta daa! (Click to see larger.)


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