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My Leprechaun

I didn’t really have anything to write tonight, so thought I would share a story I wrote, awhile ago. When I had a Facebook account, I did a thing for a story idea. I wrote the first two words, and then had my friends add words, for a sentence. I then took that sentence and made it into a story. It is as follows…

Late tonight, as I ate my Lucky Charms, I saw a Leprechaun dancing high, by a street light.

Late tonight, I was home alone watching some late night movies on TV. I suddenly had a craving for something sweet, so went to the cupboard to see what I could find. A box of Lucky Charms was way in the back, so I grabbed them. I poured a bowl full and then went to the fridge and grabbed some milk. As I ate my Lucky Charms, I picked all of the cereal pieces out first, saving the marshmallows for last. This is the only correct way, to eat this scrumptious cereal! I finally got all of the cereal pieces eaten. I was just getting ready to take a bite of marshmallows, when I noticed they all started to swirl together. They started swirling so fast, they were running together. All the colors started to flow into a bright green color. It got brighter and brighter and then all of a sudden jumped out of the bowl. I fell backwards out of my chair and screamed. As I looked up, I saw a leprechaun walking around my kitchen. I slowly crawled backwards out of the room. As I went around the corner, I heard my front door open and close. I peeked around the corner and saw that the leprechaun had left. I crept up to the window and peeked out. Out at the street, the Leprechaun was dancing high up, by a street light. He danced around it, in circles. Then all of a sudden, he popped and was gone. Green confetti showered the ground. I ran outside to the spot where the confetti had fallen. When I got there, nothing was left of the leprechaun. I stood there for a minute and then started to fall backwards. I fell, fell and fell. All of a sudden I landed. As I landed, my body jolted. I was suddenly wide awake in my bed. I walked out to my kitchen and there was no evidence of a leprechaun or even a box of lucky charms. It had all been a dream. Or had it?

Hope you enjoy!


Writing Prompt

So I saw this post from the following blog. A Writer’s Path. They have some prompts and I chose one to do. Just writing a cute story with it.

The morning was early, and the sun just coming up. The grass was green from yesterday’s rain. Mrs. Chicken had a lot to do on this beautiful sunny day. She looked over her to-do list, deciding what was first. She had to get her young chicks up for breakfast, and then off to little chick school. Then she had to head over to the barnyard store. She was hosting the honorary dinner for Mrs. Cow this afternoon. There was a lot to be done, and not much time to do it in. Mrs. Cow was being honored for most supportive farmyard animal. When things got tough, Mrs. Cow held things together. It was decided to honor her with an award and dinner, to show the farmyard’s appreciation. Being one of the head board members, Mrs. Chicken was nominated to do the hosting. Mrs. Chicken was a great host, and enjoyed the job, this entails. As much as she loved hosting, she was always glad when it was over, so she could relax in the cool of the evening. So Mrs. Chicken, set off for her tasks for the day, completing each task with great enthusiasm. It had been awhile, since she had held a big party, and she was filled with excitement. As she was getting things set up, other farmyard animals started showing up to help out. The Pig family brought corn from their trough; the Horse family brought grain; and the Sheep family brought freshly cut green grass for dessert. The spiders were working to put up the decorations around the yard. Things were coming together quite nicely. Mrs. Chicken went over her to-do list one last time. She felt good about the work she had put into this dinner. It was time for Mrs. Chicken to get ready for the award ceremony. Before she went back to the party, she put out everything she would need to relax under the stars, when the evening ended.

Hope you enjoy my little story.


Writing Prompt: To Wyatt

Someone or something you can’t communicate with through writing (a baby, a pet, an object) can understand every single word you write today, for one day only. What do you tell them?

I would write my post to my dog Wyatt. This is what it would say…

Dear Wyatt,
How are things going? Things are going OK here. I miss you so very much. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I have been picturing when we were together and the walks we went for. The snuggles at night. The times when I was sad and you would comfort me with your kisses. I miss your soft fur, your warmth and yes even your barks. I miss the times you made me laugh into hysterics, because of your funny antics. I JUST MISS YOU!

I am sorry that we can’t be together right now. I’m sorry that I lost my job and you had to go live somewhere else. In the long run, loosing the job was a good thing as now I have a much better job. This job will eventually help me get a better place, in a safe neighborhood. Then you can finally come back to live with me. I am already in a safer neighborhood, now I just need to save some money up, so that I can get my own place. I’m sorry that my aunt and uncle aren’t animal people so you can’t be here with me now. If you were here with me, time would go so much faster.

Another thing  I am considering when you come back to me, is getting you a cat. The fact that you got along with Elijah so well, and are now getting along with L&J’s pets, I think a cat would be really good for you again. You need to have some company while I’m gone at work during the day. I think a cat would be good for you and that you would be a lot happier with a friend. Please keep this in mind, as I don’t want you to think I am replacing you or pushing you out or anything. This would solely be for your benefit.

It may still be awhile before we can be together as I need to save some money. I am praying that maybe God has something in plan sooner, but the facts are that I’m not sure what those options would be, with where my finances are. I get my first full paycheck soon and then I can get my bills back on track. Then next month I can hopefully start putting money into the bank.

I want you to know that I am doing my best to get you back soon. All I can do right now is my best and as long as I’m doing that, I’m doing good.


Please be patient and hang on. You will be back with me in the near future!

Love Your Mommy!