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Bath Blessings!

I LOVE hot baths! They are very calming to me. One place where I can totally relax and be in the moment. Today after doing some yard work, I decided a hot bubble bath sounded nice. As I was sitting in the tub, I was thinking about baths and how much I enjoy them. Then I thought of my friend, M who hates the thought of baths. She thinks about the fact that when sitting in a bath, you are sitting in dirty water. As I was contemplating her few of things, I started to think about how it was before regular plumbing. A┬álot of times the families would share the bath water. There was also usually only one bath a week. So think how dirty these people must have been, especially those working in the fields. And then to have to share the water. From what I understand from some books I’ve read, the father was usually last to bathe, but still. And then I started thinking about how this could still be happening in some countries or cultures where there isn’t plumbing or sufficient water for everyone. Then there are some people who have water, but it is unclean.

I started feeling very thankful that if I wanted too, I could take a bath every day. Usually I take showers if I’m in a hurry, like before work. Not only do I have running water, but I also have clean water. Then on top of that, I have the ability to buy bubbles and Epsom salts to put in my bath. I have the time to just sit, relax and think.

I am very thankful for my MANY bath blessings!

Love & Peace


Happy Sabbath!

It’s interesting to me how our perspectives on things change as we get older. I grew up in the Seventh-day Adventist church. Friday night at Sundown was the beginning of Sabbath for us. It went until sundown on Saturday. We did all of our cleaning and shopping before Sabbath started. Once Sabbath arrived, my parents would play christian music, usually hymns. They weren’t into the contemporary christian music but the more conservative stuff. I actually enjoy both sides of the spectrum when it comes to Christian music.

Growing up, Sabbath was an annoyance to me a lot of times. I enjoyed it on some level but it also meant I couldn’t go to school functions at the public school during that time. I had to listen to Christian music and watch Christian programs on TV. We could only play Sabbath games and read Sabbath things. As a child, this was annoying as I wanted to rebel and enjoy the Non-Sabbath approved things.

The things I did enjoy about Sabbath was the music. Most Sabbath mornings, I would wake up to a record playing downstairs. I would lay in bed and listen to it before getting up. I loved that feeling in the morning.

There are a lot of things about the Adventist church that I don’t now currently agree with. I’m not going to go into that here. I have my own church now that I feel much more aligned with. I never realized or thought about how much I miss the Sabbath until tonight. I’ve thought about how that is one thing I do agree with the Adventist Church. I believe in the Sabbath but no longer follow it. I feel like God would want me to be in a church that spiritually feeds me, not just because of the Sabbath following.

So tonight I realized just how much I miss the Sabbath. My aunt’s parents are here for the month and they are Adventist. They are listening to Christian music, mostly hymns on the TV. I was in my room, playing on the computer and listening to it. Then I decided to bring my dishes downstairs and V invited me to join them, so I did. It is so peaceful listening to the songs and it takes me back to those early Sabbath mornings, when I was just waking up to the music downstairs.

So it is interesting how my perspective could change so much. The one thing I really enjoy and wish I could follow now about Sabbath, is having the time to slow down. I do that on one of my days off, but not like during Sabbath. I don’t focus on God as much as I would if I actually kept the/a Sabbath.

I need to contemplate this some more. Maybe I could take that day on my day off and use it more like a Sabbath. It’s not the same day every week so it wouldn’t be as consistent but it would at least help me to slow down and focus on God more.

Love & Peace

How I Thought Life Would Be

I think we as children, have a preconceived idea of what life will be. I know I did. I was one of the ones who thought I would grow up, go to college and get a career, find a handsome man, get married and have a house full of children. I was one of the ones who pictured the white picket fence. There would be pets, and lots of them. I thought my children would be happy and grow up to be smart and beautiful, and change the world. I thought I would change the world. I thought life would be easy and it would have a happy ending.

Then I became an adult. I tried college three times before finally finishing it the third time. I graduated with my associates in Criminal Justice. Now though I’m not even working in the field I graduated in and have student loans up the wazoo. I am 30 and single. I’ve never been married and never had children. I have a dog, Wyatt, whom I love to death, and is like a child in many ways. I live in an apartment in a not so good part of town. I do (now) have a full time job which I’m loving so far and will hopefully be able to save up and move in the future.

I am just now, at 30 trying to figure out who I am. I am trying to find out what I like and don’t like. I am trying to deal with abusive childhood memories and abusive relationships as an adult. I am no where close, to what I thought I would be, at this age in my life. Maybe though that’s better. Maybe I need to say good bye to that picket fence idea, and be OK with who I am today. Maybe I am a better person for not jumping into what I thought life should be like. For waiting to find out what God wants for me. I’m still working on learning that too. Maybe in the long run I will be a happier person for trying to figure these other things out first. Maybe I just need to slow down and let life happen. Let God take control and show me where to go. I’m working on it, but its a slow process. I’m not always sure what that means and can only hope that He will show me. I am slowly getting more positive and uplifting people in my life. I am slowly trying to find the things in my life to be happy about. A lot of people say its a choice to be happy, and I believe it is, to an extent. When you’ve been living one way your whole life though, its not necessarily a sudden choice. It is something that takes awhile and can cause you to fall many times before you get it right. Sometimes it feels like taking three steps forward and two steps back. Its not a matter of what happens when you fall but a matter of getting back up again after you fall. I’m not sure who said that but its something that I am slowly learning.

So while my dreams may not have ended up the way I thought they would. I am slowly coming to the realization, that its OK. Life is going to be OK. And I am going to be OK. I just have to be OK with it.

Love & Peace