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So I have decided to join my new friends/housemates in walking the NAMI walk, in Portland OR. This walk is Sunday, May 17th. I’m pretty excited about participating. It is Mental Health month and what better way to support it? So when you register, you get a web page that you can share with others to ask them for donations, for NAMI. I posted the page on Facebook, and want to post it here, but then my blog will no longer be anonymous. I’m not sure how to balance this. If I had put my name as my blog name, then I would have confused my Facebook friends. UGH! The down side to having an anonymous blog. I still feel the necessity to do this though, for other people’s privacy. If my mental illness only involved me, I probably would have my real name on it. Because my mental illness was brought on as a child and I believe because of the abuse, I feel this is a must do.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!