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Last night I was able to sleep more then 5 hours. Thank you, Jesus! I woke up a couple of times, and got up to use the restroom, but was able to go back to sleep.

Also last night, I asked the woman who held our church service, if I could have a couple of her roses, from the yard. She gave me a whole bouquet. So I woke up looking and smelling my roses, which are on my headboard.

Now time to get ready for therapy!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful, and blessed day!


Wide Awake!

Another night of only 5 hours of sleep. UGH! I’ve had 3 nights of good sleep since I got out of the hospital. Before I went into the hospital, there were a lot of nights where I wasn’t sleeping much. A lot of those nights were spent tossing and turning. Now I’ve been getting a continuous 5 hours, but that is still not enough for me. I will definitely have to take a nap before I head to Portland to visit a friend, and then church, this evening.