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“I Want My Mommy”

Last night I called my parents. They are in Wisconsin and I am in Oregon. Being sick, I had the whole, “I want my mommy,” feeling. Those were the main times that my mom was nurturing. She was very good at taking care of us when we were sick. I started remembering how, once I got on my own, I lived 45 minutes from my parents. I was working at a grocery store at the time. One day I got sick at work, and had to leave early. I called my mom up and told her I was sick. I asked her to bring me some jello and 7-up, and she did. I didn’t think she actually would because it would have been easier for me to just go to the store, but I didn’t want to make jello. I know you can buy jello cups but it’s just not the same as having it home made when you are sick. So my mom brought me jello and 7-up. I don’t remember how long she stayed that day, but just having her come made things better. I was living alone, and it seems that I get loneliest when I’m sick. I think that I mostly wanted someone with me, while I was sick. So last night when I called my mom, I reminded her about that time, and told her I wanted to talk to her because I was sick. I really think it made her night. I could hear in her voice that she appreciated hearing that. In the past, I probably wouldn’t have told her that, but would have just visited about other stuff. It felt good to be open about how I was feeling, with my mom.

Today I am doing better then yesterday, but still pretty sick. My temp was 99.3 last night. It went down today but now it’s back up a little. It’s 98.4 right now and normal for me is 97.6. It seems like it goes up at night. I really need to head to bed but am procrastinating it. I guess I need to just go already and get some more rest. I have tomorrow off, but Monday it’s back to work.

Night All!


A Time I Cheated & Got Caught

I really wanted to blog tonight but I didn’t have any ideas of what to write about. I was searching online for righting prompts, and after going through a few websites and ideas, I found this one.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I decided to take Algebra I through home school.  I’m really not sure why this was decided. My parents weren’t really math whiz’s beyond basic math, and I wasn’t a self-motivated person. Just doing my regular homework, I usually needed someone over my shoulder in order for me to get it done. The only reason I can think of that this may have been decided was if I needed extra math credits. I’ll have to ask my parents about that some time.

Now I am NOT a math person. I hate math! Ask me to write you a story and I’m all there, but math I dread. When I was in college getting my associates degree in Criminal Justice, I had to take Trig & Algebra. I was failing until another teacher, other then the one teaching the class, explained things in another way. Then I ended up with a C and to me that was an A when it came to math.

So back to my original story. Right away when I looked at the math book it was like reading another language. I’m not sure how far into the course I was when I got the idea, but I started cheating. I would usually work it out to do assignments in my room or when my parents were gone. I would take the teacher’s addition and copy out of it. I would copy the work and made sure to get a couple wrong here and there. I had to make it look believable. Then I had the tests. I realized my parents never sat in the room or payed much attention when I was taking the tests. When they were gone, I would take the teacher’s addition test book and copy all the work and answers onto a piece of paper. Then I would hide it and use it to cheat on the tests. This worked really great, and with getting a few wrong here and there, I ended up with a B+. My mom was really proud of me and told me I did really good. I felt really guilty but didn’t say anything.

It wasn’t until my junior year in high school that I had problems. I was at a boarding school this year and was taking a regular algebra II class. Of course I didn’t have a clue to what was going on. That dreadful foreign language was back and I didn’t know the first thing about it. My teacher Mr. G was really nice and understanding. He tried to work with me outside of class to help me understand it. It just wasn’t working. Finally, I told him what happened. He was actually really supportive and sympathetic to me. He said I would need to drop Algebra II, so that I could take Algebra I over. In order to drop a class and take another one, I would need permission from my parents. That meant I had to own up to my mistake. This was really hard to do and I still remember that phone call, like it was yesterday. So I ended up taking Algebra I from another teacher one on one. This teacher was pretty good at explaining it, and my final grade was still a B+.

What I learned is that cheating never gets you anywhere. It may feel like it’s working in the beginning, but in the end, it will be found out. Not only does it hurt yourself but the people around you. Then you also have to deal with the embarrassment and humiliation of what you did. So my advice, is to be honest and don’t cheat. If it’s something you need help with like schoolwork, ask for help. If it’s a relationship thing, get counseling. You may think you won’t get caught but you most likely will. And if you don’t, you will live with the guilt of what you are doing is wrong. Sometimes that’s worse then just having everything be out in the open.

So that’s my story. Hope you enjoyed it and can learn from my mistake.

Love & Peace

Happy Sabbath!

It’s interesting to me how our perspectives on things change as we get older. I grew up in the Seventh-day Adventist church. Friday night at Sundown was the beginning of Sabbath for us. It went until sundown on Saturday. We did all of our cleaning and shopping before Sabbath started. Once Sabbath arrived, my parents would play christian music, usually hymns. They weren’t into the contemporary christian music but the more conservative stuff. I actually enjoy both sides of the spectrum when it comes to Christian music.

Growing up, Sabbath was an annoyance to me a lot of times. I enjoyed it on some level but it also meant I couldn’t go to school functions at the public school during that time. I had to listen to Christian music and watch Christian programs on TV. We could only play Sabbath games and read Sabbath things. As a child, this was annoying as I wanted to rebel and enjoy the Non-Sabbath approved things.

The things I did enjoy about Sabbath was the music. Most Sabbath mornings, I would wake up to a record playing downstairs. I would lay in bed and listen to it before getting up. I loved that feeling in the morning.

There are a lot of things about the Adventist church that I don’t now currently agree with. I’m not going to go into that here. I have my own church now that I feel much more aligned with. I never realized or thought about how much I miss the Sabbath until tonight. I’ve thought about how that is one thing I do agree with the Adventist Church. I believe in the Sabbath but no longer follow it. I feel like God would want me to be in a church that spiritually feeds me, not just because of the Sabbath following.

So tonight I realized just how much I miss the Sabbath. My aunt’s parents are here for the month and they are Adventist. They are listening to Christian music, mostly hymns on the TV. I was in my room, playing on the computer and listening to it. Then I decided to bring my dishes downstairs and V invited me to join them, so I did. It is so peaceful listening to the songs and it takes me back to those early Sabbath mornings, when I was just waking up to the music downstairs.

So it is interesting how my perspective could change so much. The one thing I really enjoy and wish I could follow now about Sabbath, is having the time to slow down. I do that on one of my days off, but not like during Sabbath. I don’t focus on God as much as I would if I actually kept the/a Sabbath.

I need to contemplate this some more. Maybe I could take that day on my day off and use it more like a Sabbath. It’s not the same day every week so it wouldn’t be as consistent but it would at least help me to slow down and focus on God more.

Love & Peace

Best Friends

Tonight I was watching an episode of Gilmore Girls where Paris and Rory get into a huge fight. They get called into Headmaster Charleston’s office, for a talk. It reminded me of 6th grade when my best friend M and I got called to the principal’s office.

So MW and I were best friends in 6th grade. We were in the same grade and in the same homeroom. We played together at recess and told all of our secrets to each other. We hung out at each other’s houses and had sleepovers. MW and I were in inseparable.
Then one day we got into this huge fight. I don’t remember what it was about or how long it lasted, but it was big. I was so mad at MW and she was so mad at me. Then one day I got an idea. I wrote a note to myself. It wasn’t a nice note and I used my left hand. I asked Mr. V if I could go to the principals office, and give the note to the principal. I gave the note to Mr. A and thought for sure that MW would be in the worst trouble. Instead Mr. A had both of us sit in his office and we got a big lecture about friendship, and how important friends are. After the lecture, I don’t know how long it took us to make up, but we eventually did. That wasn’t our last fight but we got through it. We were still friends on Facebook until I deactivated mine.

Friendship IS important and I wish I had understood how important in 6th grade. I’ve learned a lot since then, and know now, better how to appreciate my friends in my life. My friends now aren’t just about what they can do for me, but what we can do for each other.

Love & Peace