Been Away…

I’ve been in one of those moods again, where I don’t have anything to say. I would say I’m coming out of my slump, but am just not feeling up to writing or reading much. So haven’t even done a lot of reading of other blogs lately. I’ve been binge watching Lost a lot. Then on Friday, I went to hang out with my friend G. She has a large library of movies, so I borrowed 5 and watched 4 of them over the weekend. She is planning on bringing more to church, so I can trade them out.

This morning I made a broccoli quiche. I’m not much for cooking, as it stresses me out. I bought the ingredients last week, and procrastinated until this morning. So now it’s in the oven, and smells delicious! And I didn’t get as stressed out this time. Of course GR cut my onion and garlic for me, so that helped a lot.

I messed up and overdrew my bank account. I thought something had already come out, but it hadn’t. So thought I had more money then I did. And then since I haven’t been working yet, I was kind of panicking. Bills will start coming out in 4 days. So I asked my church if they could help me. Then my Aunt A has also agreed to help me out some. So I should be good for a little while. Hopefully I will hear about my drug test this week. Then I can start working.

And now the rest of the day I’m just chillin’. I will be going to my friend D’s house, before church, and hanging out.

Love & Peace


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