Drug Test

This morning I had to go fill out the new hire paper work, and take a drug test. The drug test was one they give there at work. Then it shows up on the side of the cup, if there are drugs in your system. I didn’t even think about the fact that eating a bagel with whole poppy seeds for breakfast would effect it. I didn’t even think about it until the test tested positive for opiates. So now they have to send the test to the lab, which could take at least a week. So the job has to wait until after that.  I wish I would have remembered that poppy seeds can have that effect, and I would have had something else for breakfast. I am feeling very defeated!



4 thoughts on “Drug Test”

  1. wow we learn something new every day. Stories like this make me cringe. I worked in drug rehab years ago and many of our residents urine tested positive for drugs, despite them flatly denying. Of course, there were those who were flat out lying and those I still think of today. Back then, we didn’t realise certain things can have an effect on the results. This is a real bummer for you having to wait so long. Does it hold you back from doing anything or is it just a matter of formalities?

    1. I believe it’s just a matter of formalities. I was depending on starting work though, as I’ve already put myself in the hole, and was hoping to be able to get myself out faster. I’ve written to an aunt who has helped me in the past to see if they can help me a little. Then I could at least be in the positive.

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