Cutting Back…

I’m trying very hard to cut back on my cigarettes. Last week I was doing better and only having half a cigarette at a time. I was smoking every couple hours, and then Saturday and Sunday I was very stressed, and now this week has been harder. So today I am trying to have one every 3 hours instead of 2. I have 23 minutes to go, so thought I would post about it. I’ve been watching Lost on Netflix, to help me get through the hours. Today is my relax day so am doing whatever it takes to make it through the hours, and keep my mind off it. It’s a struggle and something I am continuously asking God for help with. Only His strength can help me now. I can’t do this alone.

A couple of songs that help me get through my hard times.

Love & Peace


3 thoughts on “Cutting Back…”

  1. I personally do not smoke, but my parents have for many years. My dad just recently quit and it was very hard for him in the beginning. Hang in there! You can do it! 🙂

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