Getting A Lot Done

Today, I’ve got a lot going on and I’m not quite half way done with my list. A lot of things going on around the house, then meeting with my pastor/friend, S. After I meet with S I have an interview at another assisted living facility. I was going to try to transfer to the facility, with same company I was working for, up near me, but they didn’t have any care-giving positions available. So I signed up for CNA classes but nothing has come about with those yet. Then my housemate met a woman that works at this other facility. C said she seemed really cool and flexible, so I called her today. I meet with her this afternoon, anytime after 3 pm. So I will head over there, after S’s. I will fill out an application and then meet with this other woman for an interview. Not sure if it’s the main interview or if it’s just kind of a meet and greet thing. Anyway, so I updated my resume and it’s ready to go with me.

Now it’s time to go do sweeping and mopping, and then I will be over half way done with my list. YAY!!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


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