So I still don’t have a post in me, so am making a decision to post anyway. I have decided to make a gratitude post. This is going to be a list post, which just feels easier at this time. So here goes…

1) My new place to live. A much more positive atmosphere. A room that I can make my sanctuary, that actually feels like MY room.
2) My housemate’s pets. Especially Roma, their dog. This morning when I came upstairs, I said good morning. As soon as I spoke, Roma got up and came to say hi, squeaking with excitement. It made me feel REALLY good!
3) I have some very supportive family, especially my Aunt K. I always appreciate our talks, and look forward to them. I always enjoy our time together too.
4) My very supportive church. Everyone is so uplifting and encouraging. They are there for me and have my best interests at heart.
5) All the friends I met in therapy. It was so good to be around people who understood what I was going through. Their support and encouragement was amazing, and helped me a lot!
6) My friend D, who is very special to me. He also makes me feel special. Whether we just stay friends or move into something more at some point, I really hope that it can be a life long relationship.
7) That my housemates love to cook (so I don’t have too), and know how to make REALLY good vegan food. It’s so good, I don’t even miss bacon as much as I did at my aunt and uncles.
8) My orchids, bamboo and spider plants are still alive.
9) I am creative. This is something I enjoy and it helps to de-stress me.
10)I’ve been sleeping well the last few nights.

Whew, I didn’t know if I could make it to 10, but I did. These are things I need to remember today so that I can get out of this darkness.

Love & Peace


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