Today I graduated from Intensive Outpatient Therapy. It was a good and sad feeling. It’s good to be through it but I will SO miss everyone. This includes group members and most of the staff. Everyone in therapy was so understanding and encouraging. At the end of the day, those of us leaving, had to fill out a synopsis. This had questions about what fears we had upon going into therapy, what we got of it and what we would say to new people. Those a just a few. Then during daily reflections, we read it instead of doing our regular reflection paper. Then after reading the synopsis, others can comment or ask questions. Everyone said really nice things about me. I had mentioned earlier in the day that I had a blog, and so everyone wanted the website to it, so I wrote it on the board. Also, I had texted R last night about my poetry contest and she told me to bring my poems. I brought them and shared them with everyone. Well, R read one of them during morning check-ins and I shared the others later. Everyone really enjoyed my poems and said they were really good. That made me feel really good. I can’t wait until after the contest so that I can share with all of you too. Also since I posted about my anxiety this morning, I want everyone to know that it is mostly gone right now. D and his friend are supposed to come over tomorrow and do some yard work for my housemates. I haven’t heard from him for most of the week, so hopefully that is still in is plan. I can’t wait to see him again!

So that was my day. Hopefully I can get some more organizing done this weekend. I really need to figure out how to downsize.

Love & Peace


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