Spending Out Of Control

So it seems like when I don’t have an income, that is when I want to spend money, the most. Then I get myself into a hole. This morning I am in the negative in my checking account. Yesterday I knew I needed more money so went to the credit union where I have a saving account. I drew out a hundred to put into my checking at my bank. Then I remembered that I have car insurance coming out. It came out yesterday (I hadn’t checked my account before going to the credit union). I am now $34.30 in the negative. I figured I would take the money into the bank today. I should have taken it in yesterday, but hadn’t realized how deep I was in. I guess I will be stopping at the bank before therapy and putting my money in through the ATM. Then because I will be having some other bills come out, I need to go back to the credit union to draw out at least $50 more, to put in. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this to myself. I am usually a lot better about this, since I’ve learned a few lessons. Evidently I haven’t learned them well enough. It’s mostly when I’m not getting an income that I do this. It’s like I have NO self-control during these times. I’m not sure how to change this part of me. Definitely something I have to work on.



3 thoughts on “Spending Out Of Control”

  1. I know what you mean. I’m pretty tight on money this month too and all I want to do is go out and spend it. Ugh! Why does money have to be so evil sometimes? lol

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