Why The Devil Probably Didn’t Cause Your Flat Tire (Christians and Spiritual Warfare)

john pavlovitz


Sometimes words are windows. 

You happen upon them and they immediately show you something that you weren’t expecting to see.

This week one such window came in the form of a casual friend’s status update. He’s a Christian who relayed with great joy how he had triumphed over adversity that day, which he chalked up to spiritual warfare.

The Devil, he said quite matter-of-factly, had tried to derail his pilgrim’s progress by giving him a flat tire on the way to work and he spoke with righteous defiance of his absolute refusal to be defeated by his vicious adversary.

My friend reported how he basically replaced the tire and continued merrily on with his day, thus thwarting Satan’s ineffective evil scheme.

I’m so used to hearing my fellow Christians speak in these terms that it’s almost become white noise, but on this particular day seeing it show up in my news feed unexpectedly just made the claim seem jarring and rather silly.


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