Beautiful Man!

My new housemate (C) and another mutual acquaintance (MA), and I, went to a vegan restaurant, for lunch today. The guy who rung us up, was extremely beautiful! The three of us, mostly C and I, had a conversation about how beautiful he was. Both C and MA are taken, so that left me. C had gone to the bathroom and I made a comment to MA, that I wished I could give him my number. MA ran with this idea and said I should. Then C came back and we told her that I was going to give him my number. MA asked a female server what his name was, then told her to have E come over to our table, once he was free. So he came over, and I said, “this is for you,” and handed him a napkin with my name, number, and email, that also said, “Let’s do coffee sometime, ” on it. Then I felt really self-conscious and said, “and thank you for everything.” He said you’re welcome and walked away. He got kind of bashful and smiled when I handed him the napkin. Then as we were walking out, I smiled at him and he smiled back. C said, “thank you, E!” and we walked out. While E may never contact me, that is not important. What IS important, is that I gave my number to a guy! I have never done this before, and wouldn’t have done it without the support of my troops. Maybe some day I will be confident enough to give my number out, when I am on my own. And who knows, maybe he will contact me, and we’ll become good friends, or even more. Then of course, he could contact me, and tell me that he’s flattered, but definitely gay. Most extremely attractive guys are! And then I’ll have a really cool gay friend, to hang out with!

Well it’s my bedtime!


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