Moving Week!

I took a load over to my new home, today. Not a big load but it was a load. I’m trying to take things as I get them organized. That way it’s not too overwhelming. Then when those things are out of the way, then I start another section. Doing it this way, helps me to stay a little more focused and less overwhelmed. I also ate supper while I was there. It was delicious! And it was vegan! Both my grandma’s are vegan, and I never thought vegan could be this good. Maybe it will work for me to go vegan permanently. I know it’s healthier, but it’s hard to give things up. They also use Stevia instead of sugar. It’s actually really good too. I’ve been wanting to give up the majority of sugar but don’t know how to give it up. It’s a major addiction for me. I am hoping living at my new home, will also show me new and better ways to have healthier eating habits.

Love & Peace


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