Intensive Outpatient Program

Today was my first day of the Intensive Outpatient Program. I was pretty nervous about it, but it actually went pretty well. I learned about coping skills, goal setting, and assertiveness. The group I am in, is a great group! We seem to connect well. The therapists so far seem to be very compassionate and understanding. I think this is going to be a really good fit for me. I really wish it was bedtime now though, as I am really tired but it is way to early to sleep now.

Love & Peace


12 thoughts on “Intensive Outpatient Program”

  1. I went through one a few weeks ago and it was wonderful. I have been through probably half a dozen since ’86 (my first one). It is a good “net” so that I don’t have to go to the “Big House” lol… Anyway hope it continues to be of help!

    1. Oh and it has sometimes served as a step up or step down from the hospital. One year I went from one to the other for a while month, and it was a great help to have that option!

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