Mental Instability…

I went and met with my counselor today. Because of where I’m at, she wants me to go to the hospital. Because of where I’m at, I kind of want to go to the hospital. I’m nervous though, to go by myself. I texted my pastor, to see if she would be able to talk a bit. She is busy at the moment but said she will call me, when she is free. I am kind of hoping that she will be able to meet up and go with me to the hospital. If she can’t, I’m not sure what I will do. I arrived home, just as my aunt and uncle were leaving for their dance class. I told them I may not be home tonight and that my counselor wants me to go to the hospital. Either way of what happens, I am really anxious about both outcomes. Living near Portland, OR, there are a lot of mental health hospitals in the area. There is only one that I really want to go to. Working in the past, as a secured transport officer, I have been to pretty much all of them, to pick up and drop off patients. I was hospitalized in 2007 at the hospital I want to go too. The people there seem the friendliest compared to the others. I am hoping there will be a bed there open for me. I am posting this now because once I talk to my pastor, if it works out for me to go, I probably won’t have time to post. If I do go, I want you to know why I’m not posting for awhile. If I end up not going, I will post and let you know.



21 thoughts on “Mental Instability…”

  1. I hope everything goes well and that someone can go with you to the hospital. Even if no one can, don’t be afraid to go if you feel you need to. Taking care of yourself should be first priority. If it helps, I can relate to your situation. It’s never easy to make the decision to admit yourself. Please be safe and know that you have people out here in the blogosphere that support you πŸ™‚

  2. Good luck. Remember it’s not failure.. Failure is if you don’t go and help yourself. One step is all it takes. You can do it!

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