K is For…Kiss (This)

My brain has been preoccupied lately, and I’ve been having a very hard time coming up with good alphabet posts. Tonight after not being able to come with something, I decided to find a song that starts with K. One of the songs on the list I found, was Kiss This by Aaron Tippin. I picked this song, because its one of the only songs I actually like by Aaron Tippin. In reality, this post is actually more about Aaron Tippin and a concert, then the song. But the song is what reminded me of the experience, so I feel I can use it as an introduction to my story.

So in 2006- 2007, I was working as a night staffing coordinator for a company, staffing hospitals and nursing homes. One woman, K who worked for us, and I started talking a lot on the phone. I didn’t really know her besides this, but she invited me to come to her town during a county fair. Aaron Tippin was going to be there in concert, and we planned on going to the concert. We got to the concert, and a radio station was set up, with VIP raffle tickets. We didn’t have to pay anything, just write our names down. It was a complete surprise when my name was called. I’d never really won anything like this before. Since my name was drawn, K and I got to go behind the scenes and meet Aaron Tippin. I got a CD autographed and a picture with him. Then afterwards we went and watched the concert. We had a lot of fun, That was the only time K and I really hung out. After that we talked on the phone at work, and then just kind of stopped talking.

So as I was writing this post, I remembered that it’s actually still Sunday, in my time zone, which is the day we are off from the A to Z Blogging Challenge. So I’m technically ahead of my schedule but right on schedule for those of you that are hours ahead of me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!


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