F is for…FOOD!

It’s time to eat. I am working night shift tonight. I am trying to figure out what to eat before I go in, but I don’t feel like cooking. Nothing really interests me right now. I’m hungry, just not interested in figuring it out. Maybe I’ll just have some oatmeal and fruit. I will be taking a snack with me, in case I get hungry at work, but need to also eat before hand.



6 thoughts on “F is for…FOOD!”

    1. I will have to check out your post. I am thinking I’m going to do G for Grace. Which is part of what I’m learning when it comes to my addictions.

  1. F is for Friendship! I’ll *finally* *fly* to see you on June 16! WOOT!!!! Freakin’ out yet? 😉

    Happy F Day! (Happy F Day to you, Happy…)

    #FMaster #AlliterationRocks

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