B is for…BAGS and BEDS!

The other day, I wrote a post about the Pray and Play church day I went to. At the Pray and Play, one of the activities we helped with was cutting up plastic grocery bags. There is a group that crochets them into mats for the homeless. A video I’m going to share talks about how to do it and where the idea came from. It takes about 50 hours and 600 bags to make one mat. On Saturday, we didn’t have time to finish all the bags that had been donated, so I was sent home with a large garbage bag full of plastic grocery bags to work on. I worked on it some last night. It takes quite a bit of time and when I was asked to take some home, I wanted to say, “no’ because it looked overwhelming. I hate to say yes to things that I end up a lot of times not having the energy to do. I don’t like to say I will do something and then feel obligated, but then sometimes I don’t  get things done. I don’t like to disappoint. So I said yes, even though in my head, I was kind of freaking out. So the first part of the week, the big bag sat in my room. Then yesterday I decided to start tackling this project. I found that it is actually kind of relaxing. I also found that it is a mindless activity. I put my music on low, and cut away. I actually enjoyed it! So the video I am sharing is actually a group in Washington state. When I looked it up, it looks like there are quite a few states that have sites and videos about it.


Yesterday, I decided to wash ALL of my bedding, minus the pillows, which probably need to be done at some point too. It was SO nice to crawl into a nice clean bed last night after taking a warm shower. I love the feeling of all clean bedding. Just having clean sheets is nice too, but when ALL of the bedding is clean, it just makes for a nice, cozy bed. I couldn’t wait to crawl into bed at bedtime!

So there is my B day!

Love & Peace


5 thoughts on “B is for…BAGS and BEDS!”

  1. Cool video. God bless you for helping the less fortunate! It’s great that you can find peace in this work. I feel the same way about mindless tasks. I often zone out while running; that’s peaceful to me.

    Happy birthday! I’ll buy you a drink, but it will be much belated! Cheers!

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