My Leprechaun

I didn’t really have anything to write tonight, so thought I would share a story I wrote, awhile ago. When I had a Facebook account, I did a thing for a story idea. I wrote the first two words, and then had my friends add words, for a sentence. I then took that sentence and made it into a story. It is as follows…

Late tonight, as I ate my Lucky Charms, I saw a Leprechaun dancing high, by a street light.

Late tonight, I was home alone watching some late night movies on TV. I suddenly had a craving for something sweet, so went to the cupboard to see what I could find. A box of Lucky Charms was way in the back, so I grabbed them. I poured a bowl full and then went to the fridge and grabbed some milk. As I ate my Lucky Charms, I picked all of the cereal pieces out first, saving the marshmallows for last. This is the only correct way, to eat this scrumptious cereal! I finally got all of the cereal pieces eaten. I was just getting ready to take a bite of marshmallows, when I noticed they all started to swirl together. They started swirling so fast, they were running together. All the colors started to flow into a bright green color. It got brighter and brighter and then all of a sudden jumped out of the bowl. I fell backwards out of my chair and screamed. As I looked up, I saw a leprechaun walking around my kitchen. I slowly crawled backwards out of the room. As I went around the corner, I heard my front door open and close. I peeked around the corner and saw that the leprechaun had left. I crept up to the window and peeked out. Out at the street, the Leprechaun was dancing high up, by a street light. He danced around it, in circles. Then all of a sudden, he popped and was gone. Green confetti showered the ground. I ran outside to the spot where the confetti had fallen. When I got there, nothing was left of the leprechaun. I stood there for a minute and then started to fall backwards. I fell, fell and fell. All of a sudden I landed. As I landed, my body jolted. I was suddenly wide awake in my bed. I walked out to my kitchen and there was no evidence of a leprechaun or even a box of lucky charms. It had all been a dream. Or had it?

Hope you enjoy!


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