Playing In The Shrubs…

Today I went out and did some trimming on one of the shrubs. I had told my uncle before they left that I didn’t know how to trim shrubs and wasn’t sure how to go about it. He said to just make sure that it was back from over the sidewalk. So when I started trimming, I ended up trimming to much off of the first side. I had never trimmed this type of shrub before so didn’t really no what to expect, as to wear the greenery ended, near the center of the shrub. So there is a big hole on one side that looks pretty bad. I kind of got the hang of it after that. I went and found my uncles smaller trimming shears as all of his big ones are either dull or the handle is coming off. I couldn’t work with them, while trimming the shrub. So the shrub is trimmed but it looks like it got a really bad haircut. It bothers me because when I do these types of things, I am a perfectionist with a bit of OCD. It took me two hours to do the whole thing. I also didn’t think it would take that long, but it did. And now my arms are covered in red spots all over. They were itchy until I showered, and now they are just red.

So while the bad hair cut bothers me, I guess that’s what they get for having someone who has never done this type of thing do it. And what happens when you don’t have the correct tools for me to use. All I can say is, “Oh Well!” and move on.



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