Writing Prompt

So I saw this post from the following blog. A Writer’s Path. They have some prompts and I chose one to do. Just writing a cute story with it.

The morning was early, and the sun just coming up. The grass was green from yesterday’s rain. Mrs. Chicken had a lot to do on this beautiful sunny day. She looked over her to-do list, deciding what was first. She had to get her young chicks up for breakfast, and then off to little chick school. Then she had to head over to the barnyard store. She was hosting the honorary dinner for Mrs. Cow this afternoon. There was a lot to be done, and not much time to do it in. Mrs. Cow was being honored for most supportive farmyard animal. When things got tough, Mrs. Cow held things together. It was decided to honor her with an award and dinner, to show the farmyard’s appreciation. Being one of the head board members, Mrs. Chicken was nominated to do the hosting. Mrs. Chicken was a great host, and enjoyed the job, this entails. As much as she loved hosting, she was always glad when it was over, so she could relax in the cool of the evening. So Mrs. Chicken, set off for her tasks for the day, completing each task with great enthusiasm. It had been awhile, since she had held a big party, and she was filled with excitement. As she was getting things set up, other farmyard animals started showing up to help out. The Pig family brought corn from their trough; the Horse family brought grain; and the Sheep family brought freshly cut green grass for dessert. The spiders were working to put up the decorations around the yard. Things were coming together quite nicely. Mrs. Chicken went over her to-do list one last time. She felt good about the work she had put into this dinner. It was time for Mrs. Chicken to get ready for the award ceremony. Before she went back to the party, she put out everything she would need to relax under the stars, when the evening ended.

Hope you enjoy my little story.



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