Depression is not Just Feeling “Depressed” when the Duncan Donuts Made you the Wrong Flavor of Coffee


Depression becomes a disorder when your life becomes disorderly because if it. You can say to someone that you have depression and they will say, “yeah, I get depressed too. I was so depressed that  did not get that promotion last week, but it passes.”

That is the problem with having depression as a disorder. It does not pass. It is not just a sadness and disappointment of something not going our way. It is an attack of our brains that can render us unable to do the daily tasks needed to survive in a normal way.

It can interfere with work or even cause us to lose our jobs. It can keep us from getting things done for our kids that are important. It can keep us from taking proper care of ourselves. We can become financially devastated from the effects of depression on our lives.

We can lose…

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