So last night I figured I would be really tired and ready to sleep, since I had spent so much time outside. Then bedtime came and my brain was going in circles. It was 11 pm or later, by the time I got to sleep. I had to be up by 4:30 am at the latest, to get ready for an 8 hour shift. By the end of my shift, I was having some major blonde moments. This doesn’t usually happen so obviously for me. Sometimes I’ll have a blonde moment in my head and then figure it out before I say something stupid, but NOT today.

So at our nursing station, we have a call board, where we can push the button of a resident’s room and call them if we need to ask them something. You just push on the room number you want and then talk. So today, S called from the receptionist’s desk back to the nursing station to have me call a resident to come down for their quarterly service plan resident. For some reason my brain FARTED, and I was trying to think of how to call a room by using the phone. Instead of kicking into gear and realizing it, I asked, “how do you call a resident’s room?” Another caregiver thought I meant to give the phone number out to someone on the outside. And started to tell me to take a message and then have the resident call the person back. I was like, “No, S called and wants ### to come down for their meeting.” Then H said, “The call board.” Then I looked over at it and was like, “DUH!” I felt so stupid and still can’t believe I did that. Total blonde moment!

Now it’s time to take the trash out to the curb and possibly mow the lawn. I’m having to force myself to do the lawn because I just don’t feel like it but will know that it will be one less hour to do tomorrow, if I do it today. Really don’t feel like it though. I know I’ll feel good about it, after it’s done. And then I can go chill in a hot bath afterwards.

Oh and I came home today and now my uncle is sick. I tried to stay in my room except to get food, but the germs must have got loose. Hopefully his will go away faster then mine is. Though the smoking probably isn’t helping, “hacking up nasty stuff.”

Ciao, Ciao


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