“I Want My Mommy”

Last night I called my parents. They are in Wisconsin and I am in Oregon. Being sick, I had the whole, “I want my mommy,” feeling. Those were the main times that my mom was nurturing. She was very good at taking care of us when we were sick. I started remembering how, once I got on my own, I lived 45 minutes from my parents. I was working at a grocery store at the time. One day I got sick at work, and had to leave early. I called my mom up and told her I was sick. I asked her to bring me some jello and 7-up, and she did. I didn’t think she actually would because it would have been easier for me to just go to the store, but I didn’t want to make jello. I know you can buy jello cups but it’s just not the same as having it home made when you are sick. So my mom brought me jello and 7-up. I don’t remember how long she stayed that day, but just having her come made things better. I was living alone, and it seems that I get loneliest when I’m sick. I think that I mostly wanted someone with me, while I was sick. So last night when I called my mom, I reminded her about that time, and told her I wanted to talk to her because I was sick. I really think it made her night. I could hear in her voice that she appreciated hearing that. In the past, I probably wouldn’t have told her that, but would have just visited about other stuff. It felt good to be open about how I was feeling, with my mom.

Today I am doing better then yesterday, but still pretty sick. My temp was 99.3 last night. It went down today but now it’s back up a little. It’s 98.4 right now and normal for me is 97.6. It seems like it goes up at night. I really need to head to bed but am procrastinating it. I guess I need to just go already and get some more rest. I have tomorrow off, but Monday it’s back to work.

Night All!


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