Cups (Blogging 101, Day 4)

So because I’ve been sick, I haven’t had much energy to do many of the assignments for Blogging 101. Yesterday and today, I have had the song Cups (When I’m Gone, by Anna Kenndrick). The song’s been going through my head, so this morning, I had to watch it on YouTube. Then I remembered that one of our blogging assignments was to include a new-to-you-element. Now the other part of the assignment was to write a blog that I would want my focused audience to read. I’m not doing that part in this assignment with this blog, just the new element. So I am sharing the YouTube video of the song in my head. I’m not even sure why this song is in my head, as I don’t think I’ve heard it recently. It just start repeating itself yesterday. So here it is…



2 thoughts on “Cups (Blogging 101, Day 4)”

    1. Well since this week, is mostly to make our blogs better, I figure I’ll just pick it up at the end or as I have time. Or, when a song goes through my head, when I’m not listening to or watching something else. LOL
      Thanks for commenting and encouraging!

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