Well today I’m feeling worse then yesterday, so glad that I trusted my gut and stayed home from work. I also called in for my evening shift. I hate having to call in, especially when I need the hours, but I’d rather take care of myself when I’m feeling this way. Besides that, I work with elderly people who have lowered immune systems, and look at is as also keeping them safe. I also have a split shift tomorrow, and plan on going in, in the morning. Then I’ll see how I feel. If it’s horrible just doing showers (which is what I do on that shift), then I will tell her I can’t work the evening shift. At least that way she knows I’m trying. Today I don’t have any energy and have been hanging out in my recliner most of the day. Except when I went down to fix meals and then just a bit ago to do some laundry. I’m washing some sheets so I can put fresh ones on the bed for tonight. Then once I’m well, I figure I will wash all my bedding.

Now I’m trying to figure out what I will have for supper. I’m feeling hungry so that’s good. Just don’t know what I’m hungry for.

Love & Peace


2 thoughts on “Blah!”

  1. Boo! Big hugs. Sorry to hear that you’re feeling crappy. I vote that you eat some soup. Not sure if my vote counts, but there it is!

    I linked to your blog in my post tonight. It’s short and not too deep. I hope you like it and I’d love your feedback.

    Feel better, my friend!


    1. Thanks for the big hugs. I am not too hungry today as it has gotten worse. I am thinking I may drink some hot chicken broth as I tend to turn to that a lot when I’m sick.
      I will check out your blog, and thanks for letting me know. I will try to give feedback, though that might have to wait until I’m better.

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