Feeling Ick & Rebelled!

I just got out of a nice hot bath with lavender Epsom salts. I am hoping it will help whatever I am fighting, and help me relax to sleep.

Earlier today, I needed to go pick up my prescriptions from the pharmacy. While I was at the store, I decided I would pick up some things to help me fight this cold. Some cold medicines, teas, and healthy foods. Before I had gone shopping I had done some research. I new some of the basics to help with fighting nasty stuff but I wanted to see some other food options. One of the suggestions was fish. My aunt is vegetarian and doesn’t want meat cooked in the house. I’m not sure what the extent of that is, but when she told me, it sounded like raw meat on her dishes (I can have meat that is already cooked). So I bought salmon and cooked it in tin foil. It went straight from the wrapper into the foil and didn’t touch dishes until after it was cooked. I had been thinking about salmon off and on lately, and then after reading that it was a good cold fighter, I really wanted some. So I decided that I needed to take care of myself. They went out dancing tonight, so I waited until they were gone and then cooked it. I figure if she figures it out and makes a big deal about it, I can tell her that it was cooked in foil. I didn’t want to just get some from a restaurant with extra seasonings or sauces that I didn’t know about. I cooked mine with butter, lemon, garlic and just a little pink Himalayan salt. It was so delicious! And worth any repercussions I may endure. I cut it in half and have the rest for lunch tomorrow. I also bought some cranberry juice while I was at the store. I was surprised that when I drank it, it masked my sore throat for awhile. Even cough drops haven’t been working on that, so it was a nice relief.

I am scheduled for two shifts for tomorrow. 6 am-10 am, and 4 pm-8 pm. HR was able to fill the 6-10 am shift. Then if I am feeling better, I will go to the evening shift. Since I was feeling so crappy today, I wanted to be able to rest and hopefully fight it enough that I’m not to miserable.

Well that is all for now! Time to medicate up for the night and hit the sack soon!



3 thoughts on “Feeling Ick & Rebelled!”

  1. I love salmon! I used to cook mine with lemon juice and Old Bay seasoning. Then I switched to lemon. Jack got tired of that, so I seared it in a pan with butter: DELICIOUS! I like green beans and corn on the side, but black beans are good, too. I must be hungry. 🙂

    Feel better soon! Hugs!

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