I woke up this morning feeling like I’m starting to catch something. Maybe that’s why I felt extra tired yesterday. Last night I had a stomach ache and now today I am feeling the start of a sore throat. I’ve canceled all of my appointments today, and HR is looking for someone to cover my morning shift tomorrow. I am praying that it works out. If I can rest in the beginning, it doesn’t usually hit me as bad as if I wait and work through it. Besides I really don’t want to work with residents if I am getting sick. Some people come to work coughing & sick, and I hate it. So I don’t want to turn around and do the same thing. It’s also hard enough for me to work when I’m well, and if I wait until it’s kicking my butt, then I will be even worse or have to miss more days at work.

Time to go take some Airborne and go to bed for awhile.



2 thoughts on “BLECH!”

    1. Thanks! I am now eating a big bowl of fruit salad and some protein for my lunch. I also have a cup with real lemon juice and honey. Here’s to hoping this helps. Will probably go to the store later to pick up my prescriptions and get some other things to help me fight this.

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