Don’t let other people ruin your walk with God

I agree!

Poetry of an eccentric sheep

So I’ve heard unbelievers talk about how the negative behavior of Christians maybe drove them away or is why they don’t believe anymore.  I’ve heard how the “hypocritical” behavior of Christians be the scapegoat a lot.

Yes its true, as a children of God we need to reach out to people and preach the good news, and be a good example of Jesus Christ who saved our souls with his sacrifice.  And yes, people are watching always so we shouldn’t be 2 faced and try to be an unrealistic good in public that isn’t true to ourselves.  Yes yes yes, I know.

I have a “perfection or failure” mindset.  So something either has to be perfect or its a failure.  So part of me always feels like I have to be absolutely perfect so people around me will believe in Jesus.  So if they don’t believe that means I failed…

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