Long Day!

Today I worked the 6 am-2 pm shift.This shift is a lot more stressful for me then the shorter shift I have been working. This morning was hard because I ended up about 1/2 hour behind, getting people down to breakfast. After breakfast, things got a little better. I actually only got off work 15 minutes late, so that was good. I just felt really tired when I got home and didn’t feel like doing any of the cleaning for my aunt and uncle today. I will finish it tomorrow and Sunday. Now though I’m sitting here and just feel really sleepy. I took a short nap after getting home but want to sleep tonight. I just feel tired and restless. I was playing Wizard 101, but was getting bored once I started having trouble keeping my eyes open. I really wish it was bedtime so I could just go to bed and sleep. I am contemplating possibly taking a bath later, but haven’t made up my mind yet. Maybe right before bed.

On a positive note, I did talk on the phone with a new friend, from the blogger world. It was a good conversation and it’s nice to get to know someone new.

Love & Peace


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