I got a few things done today. I cleaned up a couple spots in my room today. I went through my email and cleaned it up a little. Both of these things still need help but I’m working on it. I also go a couple loads of laundry done. Then this afternoon I met my Aunt K at Barnes and Nobles. She lives an hour and a half away so I don’t see her as much as I would like. The visit was short but still good. After she headed off, I wandered the books/magazines for about another hour or so. I bought three magazines and one book. The magazines I got were; Mindful (about mindfulness), The Writer (about writing), and Psychologies (about psychology). Three of my favorite subjects. The book I got is called 1001 Short, Easy, Inexpensive Recipes. They don’t look the healthiest (as some are using a box mix instead of from scratch), but they look tasty, and easy. Maybe it will give me some ideas for meals, when I don’t feel like cooking. So now I’ve got my reading material cut out for me. Also as I was leaving, I went to the coffee shop and got a caramel frappe, a soft pretzel stuffed with spinach and feta cheese, and a rosemary cheese scone. YUM!

Another positive note is that I received a call from my counselor today and I meet with her tomorrow. I’m hoping this means that OHP went smoothly and I can meet with her for awhile again.

Now I just feel tired and hope that bedtime comes fast so I can go sleep. I’d close my eyes now but then I’ll be wide awake tonight when I need to be sleeping.



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