So a couple of weeks ago my aunt and uncle wanted to have a meeting about some ‘issues’ my aunt was having. One of those was having my food moved up to my room. Anyway at that meeting it was decided that we would have a monthly meeting on the 4th Saturday of each month. So we had our meeting today. We always start out with prayer. So today while my uncle prayed, I silently prayed that God would let me be at peace with whatever they chose to talk about. I was amazed at the outcome. There were a couple of times where I could have let the stress, anxiety and anger take over; I felt it start in my chest. Instead I was able to let go of the breath, which released the emotions and kept me at peace.

One really good thing that came out of it was that I can save some extra money. They told me that they would prefer me to eat their food, the staples. They were concerned that if I was having to buy food, I wouldn’t be able to save as much money. The reason I was buying my own food was so no one felt like I was taking advantage or eating them out of house and home. I explained that and my aunt said that it wasn’t an issue. The other reason I bought my own food was because if I felt like spending money, I could OK spending it on food in my head. I mean, ya gotta eat, right? I think I will still keep 50 out, at least to start, for snacks and stuff. And then I can go down from there maybe. I have a really hard time not spending money sometimes, so this is something i am really trying to work on.

Well I’ve gotta be up early in the morning, so it’s time to head to bed.

Night All!


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