I am on Oregon Health Plan (OHP), and so I had to wait for my counselor H to request more counseling appointments from OHP, before I can see her again. I called today to see if she had heard anything, and got her voicemail so left her a message. She later called me back, and right away asked if I was OK. I said yeah, I’ve just been really depressed. She said she could hear it in my voice. She said she hasn’t heard back from OHP and is just waiting for them. So I wait.

On my last blog, someone commented and asked me if I read “Jesus Calling.” As I was sitting here and listening to my Christian music while playing Wizard, I decided to look and see if it happened to be on my Kindle. I searched and found that it was, so read today’s devotion. I plan to add that to my daily devotions in the morning. The reason I didn’t know if it was on my Kindle or not, is because a friend gave me her old Kindle. One of the first versions. I haven’t explored everything on here yet. She has A LOT of books on here. And I can access her icloud too and download more, if I want. I just can’t buy anymore. Which is fine as there are plenty for me to weed through for now.

I haven’t taken a shower yet today and feel like I should go take a bath. Sometimes when I’m really depressed, I will take a bath instead because it feels like less work, and I can just sit there for awhile. Am thinking I will take my computer in and listen to some music while I’m in there too. Then I won’t hear my aunts noise in the next room, so much.

I am hoping that maybe after my bath, I will have some energy to organize my food. I had to start storing it in my room, and it’s still in bags and boxes and not on shelves yet. I was hoping to get it done today, but haven’t had any energy at all. Maybe after my bath I will feel a little different. If I feel up to it, I might also take a load of laundry down to the laundry room too. If not, I won’t worry about it. It wasn’t on my list, just something that could be done to make my room look a little cleaner.

I feel like maybe doing the above things might start to help bring me out of this pit. I am going to have to force myself to do them though.

So here goes nothing….



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