Bored, but Restless…

Not even sure what to write, just know that I want too. I was playing Wizard 101, which is a role playing game online. But couldn’t sit through that anymore. I feel bored and restless. I’m tired but can’t go to bed quite yet. Am thinking about reading my Kindle but didn’t want to. And just don’t know what to do. I wrote my paragraph for my church’s newsletter that they wanted me to write. Not sure that it’s any good. Don’t really know how I feel or why. I just know I’m bored and restless. One of my guilty pleasures is a bowl of Chips Ahoy cookies crushed up with Rocky Road ice cream on top. I REALLY want a bowl now but my uncle is down stairs and I don’t him to see me make it up because I always feel like he is judging me. A lot of times when I cook and he’s in the kitchen, it feels like he is watching everything I do. I try to ignore it but I hate the feeling. So I try to avoid it if I can.

Question: Does anyone else ever feel like just screaming bloody murder for no reason? I don’t actually do it because I know it would freak people out, but sometimes I just want to. Like it’s right there in my throat wanting to come out. Then I wonder, what if some day, it just comes out and I can’t stop it? Sometimes I picture myself completely loosing control. It never happens, but what if it did? I guess it’s one of my fears.

Any thoughts?



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