Dry Skin Brushing-New Technique

I heard about this technique awhile  ago and have thought about it a lot. Last night I went to the store and while I was there, decided to pick up a brush. Then this morning I did a little research and watched some youtube videos. Then I tried it. So far I like it.  The places I researched said it can take a couple weeks to really make a difference. My skin does feel somewhat softer already. Except for on my arms, I forgot them and didn’t realize until I was out of the shower. Will have to remember them tomorrow. I also need to get a smaller brush for my face and will be searching Amazon for that later. I also read that it’s best to use something other then regular lotion afterwards. I will probably do more research on that later too and see if I can’t find something for after the shower.

I drank a glass of water before trying this out but now I need to go drink some more. One sight said that you need to drink a lot of water after dry brushing. I’m guessing it goes a lot with the same reasons as getting a massage.

Will see how this goes. I would love to have nicer skin, and there are so many other benefits, I never even thought of, that dry skin brushing can help with.

Wish me luck!

Love & Peace


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