On A Positive Note…

Tonight after dinner, at work, I was taking Resident D, to her room. She told me that I have healing hands. She asked me if I knew what that meant, and I said I had heard of it but didn’t really know. She said that she noticed, that when I talk to the residents, I put my hands on their shoulders. She said that touch is very important and can do a lot. It made me feel really good!

Then another Resident F, was excited that I was her caregiver tonight. I had also worked a morning shift and so got her up this morning. She kept saying that she was glad that I was able to get her up and put her to bed. This also made me feel really good!

Before I went back into work tonight, I was in panic mode. I was feeling defeated about my living situation. I have been feeling extremely stuck, lately. It was good that I worked this shift as it gave me a few extra hours, and God used other people to remind me that I’m a good person. And that my touch can help others feel better. I have to continue to remember that it is all in God’s plan, and in His time.

I keep asking God, what it is, I’m supposed to be learning here. I’m trying to hear His voice, but sometimes, it is REALLY hard. I am so quick to hear my complaints and negative thoughts. It’s hard to open up to what He is trying to tell me. Sometimes I wonder if I even know how to hear His voice, when it’s not obvious.

Still in progress…

Love & Peace


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