Creepy, Annoying or Just Awkward?

So I got home a little while ago with a sub sandwich. Normally I would eat in my room but since I don’t have the recliner, I decided to eat it down at the dining room table. So I’m sitting there eating and watching Gilmore Girls. G comes in with a bowl of popcorn and starts talking to me. So I pause Gilmore Girls. Then he stopped talking and I didn’t know if he had something more to say so I left Gilmore Girls paused. He just stood there eating his popcorn (and watching me?). I made eye contact a couple of times in case he wanted to talk but he didn’t say anything else. Then he went into the other room so I unpaused Gilmore Girls. He got more popcorn and came back. He stood there and didn’t say a word. So this time I kept watching Gilmore Girls and didn’t make eye contact. He stood there for awhile and then went back into the kitchen. Then he went upstairs. I don’t know if he was watching me eat or just standing there. I tried to focus on my show. I wanted to say something like, “do you want something?” But thought that might be too rude. Maybe he had something to say and didn’t feel comfortable saying it, so didn’t know what to do, once he was standing there. It just felt weird. Not sure if I felt creeped out by it or just immensely annoyed! Maybe I just felt really awkward! I am REALLY hoping I will be getting a recliner on Sunday and then I can stick to my room again.

In reference to the recliner: there was one in my room, when I moved in, but my aunt needed it when she wasn’t feeling well. So now I’ve been hanging out downstairs, because there’s not a comfortable place in my room and my bed isn’t comfortable to lay on all the time. A woman from my church, might have one I can have, which I will find out Sunday.

Love & Peace


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