30-Day Challenge

So when I am in my car, the radio is always tuned to Christian Music. I usually have it on K-Love. Sometimes if I am driving out in the boonies and the radio isn’t coming in, I will have it on whatever station comes in, which means that it’s not always Christian. This is very seldom though, so I’m not counting it as a big deal in this post. I am very seldom in my car for any length of distance, now that my work is two minutes up the road. So I will hear one, maybe two songs on my ride. One thing that K-Love talks about a lot is their 30-day Challenge, to listen to ONLY Christian music for 30 days. I’ve thought it would be nice to do but never felt REALLY led to do it. Lately I have been SO depressed and I don’t know what to do to get out of it. I’ve been asking God to show me how to have a relationship with Him. I will do my morning devotional, but then it feels like it stops there. I want more but don’t know how to get it. Sometimes I pray during the day but it’s not a regular thing, at least I don’t see that it is. Anyway, so today, I was getting ready to do some cleaning. A lot of times when I clean, I listen to Pandora on shuffle. I have Christian music stations on here but the majority is not. So today I decided to put it on shuffle but only mark the Christian music stations. Then as I was thinking about this, I decided to do the 30-day Challenge. This wasn’t something I felt strongly led to do, but is a choice I am making based on where I’ve been emotionally lately. I am hoping that this can reinforce some positive outlooks, that I haven’t believed recently. Maybe by doing this I can find some MUCH needed encouragement.

I am trying to figure out the line between this and movies though. I’m not ready to give up movies but then doesn’t that have the negative force with it too? Unless it’s a spiritual movie. I’m not sure how to do this one yet, will have to contemplate some more. My main concern on the movie thing, is that some days, I can sit and watch movies all day. Somewhere in there I need to fit the positive stuff too. Most movies I normally watch aren’t positive. Most of them are pretty dark.

Will keep you posted!

Love & Peace


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