Needing to Write (I Think)

Well tonight I’m feeling kind of antsy. I’m not sure entirely why. I felt like I needed to write but don’t have anything big to write about. Finally decided to ride the stationary bike for 20 minutes and read while doing it. That helped some. I need to be heading to bed soon but don’t feel like it. Will have to force myself again. Hopefully my nightly meditation will help me settle down some.

Hours at work have been cut because of low census. So I’m working an average of 3 days a week, right now. Not nearly enough for the pay check but at least it’s something. I have worked one night at one of the other facilities a couple of towns over. They are needing a lot of help right now, so I have offered to also work there on occasion. I got a text tonight asking if I could work from 6p-10p. I would have said yes but I worked 6a-2p today, and do the same tomorrow. I REALLY need the hours but I also REALLY need me time and sleep. Since I’ve worked crazy hours in the past, burning myself out, I am not willing to do that again. I have to have faith that God will provide all of my needs.

Well I need to go do some kitchen cleanup and then head up to bed. Four O’clock in the morning comes awfully early.

Love & Peace


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