I Got A Job!!!

Hello Everyone,

So I now have a new job that I officially start on Thursday. It’s not just any job though and it’s kind of an interesting story of how it happened, so I am going to back up a little bit.

On September 14, 2014, for my morning devotion, I was studying about obedience to God. Afterwards, I prayed and asked God if there was anything I wasn’t obeying Him about. I asked Him to show me, if there was. Immediately upon praying that prayer, the word caregiver came into my head. A lot of people have told me to look into care-giving and that I would be good at it. I had been avoiding it, because I’m afraid of getting close to people and then having them die. I didn’t feel like that was for me. That morning though, after seeing the word caregiver in my head, I decided I would go and look at what jobs I could find to apply too. I said, “OK, God, if that’s what you want.” Then I went on Craigslist and looked under the medical section. I found two different positions at an assisted living facility, which is right up the street. One was for a caregiver position and the other for a med aid position. I figured I would try the med aid position. I figured that’s kind of close to care-giving, and I could always change, once I got into the company. So I applied. Then on the 16th of September, they called and set up an interview for the next day, which was Wednesday. So Wednesday, I went to the interview. While I was sitting in the waiting room, a woman brought out a questionnaire for me to fill out. On the top it said, Caregiver position. I was thinking, “wait I applied for a med aid position.” I filled it out anyway. I felt it was obvious that God wanted me to be a caregiver. So then I went back to meet with the manager who was interviewing me. She was definitely interviewing for a caregiver position. I decided to just go with it. So one of the questions I answered on the questionnaire and that they asked me, was, “why do you want to be a caregiver?” In my head, I thought, “well I don’t.” But what I said was, “I feel people who live in an assisted living facility, should have someone who is compassionate and has empathy, who is gentle, to take care of them. I believe I have those characteristics.” Both of those sentences are true, I just didn’t want to be one of the people caring for them. But for some reason, I keep being led there. So yesterday, I got a call and I went in today to fill out paperwork and learn policies. It has also worked out for me to have a day shift, which I was also praying A LOT about. After going in to sign paperwork today, it really looks like it is a GOOD place to work for. There are multiple people who have worked there for a lot of years. It sounds like they actually appreciate their employees and have incentives for those working for them. I am hoping that it will work out that I can work there for a long time too. If that is where God wants me, of course.

So now I am thanking God for this job. I am thanking Him for putting His hand in my life and leading me. Maybe it’s something, I don’t think I will like, but it’s where God obviously wants me, so its time to be OK with it. It’s time to go with the flow and follow God’s lead. It’s time to have a positive attitude about this, so that I can take the best care, that I possibly can, for those in need of it. God will show me how to face this head on. He will show me how to face my fears of death, and bodily fluids. I am putting my faith in Him. I am believing that He has this under control.

So now it’s time to start winding down for bed. I am getting up REALLY early tomorrow even though I don’t work until Thursday. My counselor wants me to stay on my routine even on my days off, which means 4am it is. And it will be here way too soon!

Night All!

Love & Peace


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