Good Morning All, 

I hope everyone is having a blessed week so far! I know I am! 🙂 

So on Friday, I met with my counselor again. This is my second time meeting with her. I talked to her about not being able to sleep. She suggested that I write down a bedtime routine and then a morning routine. I am then supposed to follow them every day, even on the weekends. So I started that Friday night/Saturday morning. So far its been going OK. I need to stick a little closer to my night routine, but so far I’ve only been a few minutes late upon actually getting to bed, so that’s good. The morning routine has been going OK. I have been getting up at 6:30 am. Well that’s what the alarm is set for, I usually snooze it and its been 10-20 minutes before I actually force myself to get up. I’m not one of those people that can just jump out of bed though them minute the alarm goes off. I have to stretch and wake up first. 

One major thing that I have included in my routine is time with God. Back in March I started a gratitude journal. I usually fill this out before bed and then read in my Bible some. Sometimes when I get in my really depressed moods, I don’t do this, but have been mostly good about it, every night. Then on Thursday I started doing a morning devotional. So when I wrote my routine I included that every day. Its been really amazing at the difference I have felt since starting the morning devotional. I have also started praying in the morning that through the day, God will give me His glasses. This way I can see the world and people through His eyes, without my judgement getting in the way. So far its been working pretty well. There have still been a couple of times where I’ve made a quick judgement, but overall, I think I’m doing better, but only with God’s help. 

So when I was with my ex, we used to play with my cousin, Wizard 101. Then after I left my ex, and cut her out of my life, I stopped playing. My cousin A, came over the other day and we were talking about the game and so I downloaded it and set up a new account. When I played with my ex, she had connected our accounts and plus this gives me a fresh start. I can only go so far before I will have to pay money, but I can play at least until that point. I can also set up for 6 different characters and get them to that place. Hopefully by that point I’ll have a job, and then can maybe afford to buy a subscription. 

I can’t remember if I posted this before, or not, but I am also volunteering at a dog shelter now. I go in on Mondays and walk a dog. Since my dog is so far away, it gives me some much needed animal time. Plus it gets me out and walking. Now if I could just get past my insecurities of walking by myself without a pet, maybe I could actually do it regularly. That will be something to talk to my counselor about, in the coming weeks. 

Well I can’t think of anything else at this point. 

Have a blessed week! 

Love & Peace 


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