It’s MY life!!!

So I just wrote this tonight. I went to church tonight and one lady E, who told me last week I needed to apply at temp agencies, asked me tonight if I had applied at any. When I told her yes (though I hadn’t), she asked me how many. I said I don’t know, a few. She then said, “no, I need a number. How many?” She wouldn’t let up until I said 3 or 4, then she said that wasn’t enough. She did this at the dinner table in front of everyone, too by the way. Someone else piped up and said, that places don’t like you coming in anymore that its all done online. A few other people chimed in and backed that up, but E wouldn’t have it and continued about how temp agencies want you to go in person. Which may be, I don’t know. Its hard enough for me to apply for jobs online let alone go into these places and apply. God is going to have to work with me on that because lately I’ve been so depressed and unmotivated, its a chore to get out of bed in the morning. Anyways so I wanted to write this and post it on a note in Facebook but not sure if that’s a good idea. I figure I’ll post it here, where not many people I know will see it. I’m still thinking about the Facebook decision. I mainly wanted to address the job thing but didn’t want to single anyone out, so added the other things too, so it wasn’t as obvious. Those are also things that I’ve been told over the summer, so figured I’d get those out too.

I have had a lot of people tell me lately what I should be doing with my life. I am told how and where I should be applying for jobs and how many. I have been told that I need to loose weight, exercise, go to bed earlier and a ton of other things that are too much to put on here. I really don’t owe an explanation to anyone but wanted you to see how I am looking at things and why I’m doing things the way I am.
I get very frustrated when I am constantly told how to live my life. Most of the things I am told, I already know. Of course I know that I need to apply to a lot of jobs, that is something I am working on. There are certain types of jobs like hard labor, or fast food that I am not willing to try. I’ve done both of those in some point of my life and I know how they work. And these are just a couple of examples. I don’t mind suggestions, I totally can overlook that. Its when people try to push me into things without listening to how I feel or what I’m saying about the situation that bothers me. I am putting out as many applications and resumes that I can. I am doing my best to look for a job that God would want me to do. I am trying to listen to where he wants me. I don’t just want ANY job, I want a job where God is involved. I’ve done just ANY job my whole adult life and I’m done doing it. My next job doesn’t have to be the best paying job, it just has to have God surrounded in it. I am also trusting that until God leads me to the right job, he is taking care of me. He will supply the money I need, when I need it. He will supply my essentials when I need them too. I am putting my faith in what I have been told most of my life, that God has it under control. I will admit some days are easier to do this, then others, but I’m working on it.
Yes I know I need to loose weight. I don’t need people telling me that I need to because I already know this. I am working on this also. It’s been hard as of late because some days I don’t feel like watching what I’m eating because of where my emotions have been, but I’m trying. And really that is all I can do. Some days will always be better then others.
Yes I know I need to exercise more. This one I should probably work on a lot more then I am, but some days its hard to be motivated enough to get out of bed, let alone to go exercising. I know that exercise can supposedly help with mood stability, but I feel very weird exercising by myself, so I usually don’t. When I had Wyatt, I had an excuse to have to go walk and that motivated me a lot more then doing it on my own.
I’m not a morning person, so if I’m not on a schedule, its really hard for me to go to bed early and get up early. After saying that, I will say this, when it comes to a job I would prefer a day job. A day job would allow me to be off in the evenings and feel like I have some day time left to do things that need getting done. When someone knows I’m not a morning person, it is really annoying that they act like its a surprise that I slept until 9 or 10. Nothing needs to be said about it.

So I’m saying these things because I’m tired of people thinking I need to do exactly what does or would work for them. I am almost 31 years old and know how to make my own decisions based on my needs, wants and desires. If you make a suggestion, I can appreciate that and think about it and how it would work in my life. If I choose not to take you up on your advice, don’t be hurt by it and don’t continue to try and push it down my throat. Its OK, that I’m different then you, and have my own likes and dislikes. Its what makes us interesting as friends, family or loved ones. If we were all alike, we would be boring. And what fun is that? Life is a process and as long as I am trying my best at it and working my hardest to achieve what God wants, its not up to you.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Feel free to give me your advice on whether I should post it on Facebook or not!

Love & Peace


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