My Interview

So I had that interview today for a personal assistant. It didn’t go as planned, by me. So I arrived at the coffee shop 5 min early. There was a guy standing in line who I thought could possibly be N, but I wasn’t sure. I felt too shy to ask. I looked at the menu board for a little bit and N, still wasn’t there, so I went ahead and ordered a little bit after 1300, I got a caramel latte. Then I went to a table and waited a bit. At about 1310, I sent N a text saying I was there. I saw the guy look down at his phone. I wasn’t sure if it was him or not. He never turned around to look for someone when I texted him. So figured it wasn’t. Also when they called him for his coffee, I could have sworn they said P, instead of N. So about 1320, that guy got up and left. I called N, and left him a message at 1330. Then at 1345, I left. So I had to stop by the pharmacy on the way home and it was about 1430 by the time I got home. I had to get some food as I hadn’t eaten lunch and was really hungry. Then I checked my email. N, had sent me a message that said he was at the coffee shop and wearing jeans and a black shirt. It was the guy I thought it was. So I sent him a message back and explained that I don’t have email on my phone so had just then received the email. So it was a big miscommunication thing. Anyway, before hand I had prayed that God would open doors and close doors, as needed. This was an obvious no. If it had been meant to be, I believe God would have gave me more confidence to approach him, or he would have approached me. Or at least looked around when I texted him.

So tonight, I applied for an office administrator position, part time at a church. I’m a little nervous about if I could do this position. I don’t have a lot of confidence in myself right now and I’m hoping God will show me the way, and give me the confidence I need when the time is right.

After I applied to the position I just feel really irritated and I’m not sure how to get rid of this feeling. I always feel this way when it comes to resumes, cover letters and applying to jobs. Its partly why I put it off so long in the beginning.

I just would like things figured out a bit so I can start settling into a position. I want to feel some peace. I know I need to find that where I’m at and stop looking to “when things get better,” but I’m not sure how to do that. That is something I am continuously working on.

Well that is all. Just wanted to give an update about my interview.

Love & Peace


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